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*Basic Corporate Wellness Workshops: 1 - 10 participants: $45/ person; 10 + Participants: $35/Person

About Me

I am not mean, I am just German...


I have studied and worked with clients in Asia, Europe, and the US helping them to prevent or recover from injuries, to get their athletic performance to the next level or simply to live a happy, healthier life. I practice what I preach and I will be at your side until you reached the results you want.

Why I am different


I am passionate about making the training fun and effective wherever it is performance-, fitness or health-oriented. I believe that becoming stronger or looking your best are the side effects of becoming healthy and injury free. I will not just give you a workout, I will give you a tailor-made program that works for YOU.

Why you can count on me


I pride myself to be laser-focused on my clients' goals and needs. You want to meet me at 5 am? I will be there for you. Probably at 4:55 am.  I will never promise you that results will happen overnight, but I will give you a systematic approach based on YOUR individual needs and will be by your side every step of the way.

Are you ready to change your life?


  I have exercised my entire life – yoga, running, aerobics, weight training, Pilates, you name it. I have worked on my own and with some really experienced and knowledgeable trainers and teachers along the way. Over the years, my routines and locations have changed, and I am extremely fortunate to have met Rike. Rike is different from any other fitness instructor I have worked with – she really is more of a wellness coach. She knows her stuff and she is up to date with current information about the body and the best way to take care of it! She has tailored sessions for me that always change and she continues to challenge my body in ways that are productive, safe and achieve the maximum results. She makes my workouts convenient, precise and fun!  


Rike gave me back strength and stability in my body, when I was feeling somewhat hopeless. In a shor

 Rike gave me back strength and stability in my body, when I was feeling somewhat hopeless. In a short amount of time, Rica was able to quickly ascertain my weaknesses and create a workout with exercises that will develop muscles to support my damaged joints.  She taught me that the areas of my pain, are not always the culprit of the problem. Rika makes the workouts fun, always different and always challenging. She brings equipment, knowledge and confidence in her bag of tricks that would benefit anyone looking for individualized strengthening 



With a smile and a super attitude, Rike delivers an effective workout with a resistance band and body weight exercises that challenge my legs, rear and core. 

I'm always amazed by the strength I gain from these simple, burning movements. Add Rike to your fast dial list! 


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If you are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, message me to get started! Everyone has a unique situation, and I'll strive to accommodate yours.

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What You NeeD to know about me

My journey

My name is Friederike Aprea. Most people call me Rike (pronounced Reeka). I am German-born and have lived and worked in Japan and Korea before I moved to the USA. I injured my back and my knees during my athletic career and no treatment I tried really made a difference. This is why I got educated as a trainer with a special focus on injury prevention and recovery. I learned how to make my life better through exercise and I would like to help you to experience the same.

My Certifications and what they mean for you and your fitness journey

I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer an I take the word 'personal' very seriously. I will create an individual program just for you based on our assessment and your needs. I also got certified by NASM as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), which means I can help you to prevent injuries or recover from them. My Behavior Change Specialist licence (BCS) can support you to implement long-lasting lifestyle changes and my Weight Loss Specialization (WLS) can help you to identify a weight loss strategy that works for you. 

Fun Fact

I have a black belt in Judo...don't mess with me!

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